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Learning from Love.  In Florida, this program is pairing abused dogs with incarcerated men – offering hope and promising futures for both.

Samantha Savitz’s neighbors want the 2 year old to feel just like any other kid, even if that means they have to learn her language.

Newspaper deliveryman Greg Dailey is going above and beyond to help his elderly neighbors who are nervous about buying groceries during the coronavirus pandemic.

NO FEAR for this amazing woman!  After Learning to Code at age 81, she made a game for fellow seniors.

Shawn Dromgoole, a 29 year old black man, was afraid to walk in his gentrified community. So 75 neighbors walked with him.

Happy Cup Coffee Company, is pouring up opportunity, joy and delicious brews for customers and its employees.

Be Kind . Be Grace . Hold Space for Each Other



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