I absolutely love these sunshine-y and cheerful little birds!  They flood our backyard every Spring when the acacia bushes behind our house are blooming.  I put thistle out for them to eat and on a good day there can be up to 20 fighting for space on the feeder.  One day after watching them have a morning feeding frenzy I created these base images.  Unfortunately I got busy with other work and my momentum on figuring out the overall design layout for these birds halted.  I decided to revisit them this morning.  We’ll see what comes of them.  I’ll keep you posted!   :0)

Color Palette “Box-O-Macarons”

Color Palette “Box-O-Macarons”

Need a little mental break right now? I’ve got just the cure … macarons.

Check out this amazing TCX color palette I’ve been working with this past week.  I took this pic last summer in Hawaii where there is an amazing shop selling these magical beasts (See La Tour Cafe … I just saw you can order their macarons online!).  I figured a little color splash would be a nice treat today – if I can’t have the actual cookies at the moment.

FYI – to my designer friends, if you’re new to working on textile designs the TCX palettes are a little different than the coated or uncoated pantones we typically use for print so it’s fun to create palettes for different substrates.  See Pantone Connect and get a little ‘mad scientist’ with textile color! 

fun with color

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Color Palette – Pow! Wow! Hawaii

Color Palette – Pow! Wow! Hawaii

Over the summer I was able to go to Hawaii to visit family and while there we had the amazing opportunity to walk the Pow! Wow! Exhibit at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu.  If you ever have the chance to go – you MUST!  The colors and artistry are overwhelming and inspiring, with something amazing and new around each corner.  You also will love seeing the other Pow! Wow! street art in Honolulu.  To learn more and see where other exhibits are – check out their website.  

This color palette is taken from the mesmerizing wall mural by artist Andrew Schoultz (see @aschoultz on Instagram).  I think I stood staring at this piece from all angles for a good 20 minutes.


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