Open Bionics, a UK based startup company located in Bristol has one mission in mind – to “turn disabilities into super powers”.  With the introduction of the Hero Arm, their first bionic prosthetic that is medically certified AND affordable, they have been able to offer a tremendous product that allows its users to individually control the fingers and thumb achieving amazing dexterity and accuracy.  This ingenious and innovative technology is providing freedom and independence to people who once may not have thought such a device was available for them.

Dan Melville, Open Bionics tester and ambassador said, “I didn’t think this kind of technology could be possible, especially low-cost. It’s just crazy, especially what I can do with the arm compared to what I could do with it three years ago. But even back then, that was still mad.”

Watch this video below, read the full article, and check out their website.  This company is doing amazing things and I can’t wait to see what is next for them.

Read the Story Here:
This Customizable Bionic Arm Turns Disabilities Into Superpowers
By:  Seeker / Tech


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