Helping Bridge Food Insecurity

Helping Bridge Food Insecurity

I have been seeing and hearing more and more frightening stories about the growing and dire problem of food insecurity in our communities.  With the pandemic causing able bodied workers to lose their livelihoods and means of supporting their families, people who never in a million years thought that they’d find themselves unable to purchase food for their family are now standing in long lines at food pantries praying there will be items left for them by the time their turn comes.

I came across this podcast episode on the New York Times ‘The Daily’ and it hurt to my core.  It is a reminder to me that we don’t live in a bubble and we, as a society, need to do more in our own towns and cities to help bridge this growing problem.  I’ve provided a link below to listen to it via a URL, however you can access it on the NY Times The Daily Podcast line up – 11/25/20 wherever you listen to podcasts.

The Food Pantry highlighted in this piece is located in Brooklyn, NY but there are thousands of these angel-run spaces across our nation and they are all being pushed to their brink as demand has escalated.

I urge those of you in a position to do so to support the local food pantry in your community. Together we can make a difference in assisting others.  If the tides turn those same people will be there for us.


Take a moment to listen to this Podcast
and PLEASE do what you can to help be apart of the change:

Be Kind . Be Grace . Give from your Heart



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