Sir Tom Moore – BONUS POST

Sir Tom Moore – BONUS POST

Bonus Peace Post:  Sir Tom Moore!

If you follow Three Lines and a Circle you will remember our first Post about the amazing Tom Moore.  Then later the trickle affect of inspiration in this Peace Post about Thomas Weller.  And now – in case you missed it here is the latest BIG news for Capt. Moore.  At the age of 100 he now has been honored with another title:  Sir.

Moore raised some $40 million for Britain’s National Health Service this year by walking laps around his garden, using his walker after recovering from a broken hip.  The country hailed him as a national hero, and last week Queen Elizabeth II, in one of her first public engagements since the coronavirus lockdown, used a royal sword once belonging to her father to bestow knighthood upon the World War II veteran.

“I could never have imagined this would happen to me,”  said Sir Tom Moore.  The centenarian remained standing for the ceremony, saying, “if I kneel down, I’ll never get up again”.

Congratulations Sir Tom!


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