Pasado’s Pen Pals

Pasado’s Pen Pals

Pasado’s Pen Pals

Join Pasado’s Pen Pals and write a letter to an animal at our sanctuary! The animals at Pasado’s Safe Haven miss having all the visitors around for field trips and educational experiences, so we decided to find a way for them to connect with kids from afar. Participate in Pasado’s Pen Pals by choosing an animal resident from our pen pal list below and write them a letter! And, once the animals receive their letters, you might just get something in return!

Letters can be sent to P.O. Box 171, Sultan, WA 98294 Attn: Brenna Anderst. (Please include first name and age.)

Reach out to Brenna with questions HERE.

Meet your Pen Pals:

Blue the Cow, Stella the Turkey, Smudge the Goat, Rush the Cat, Duke the Rooster, and Heart the Pig!


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