A Teacher Mastering the Odds

A Teacher Mastering the Odds

Hurray for our Teachers who are making lemonade out of lemon circumstances!  This story profiles one such super hero, Mr. Jonte’ Lee!  THANK YOU for inspiring so many young minds to learn and grow, even during this difficult time!

A high school science teacher in Washington, D.C., is cooking up something special for his students every week — live from his home kitchen, which he converted into a chemistry lab.

Jonte’ Lee, a chemistry and physics teacher at Calvin Coolidge High School, has been conducting bubbling and fiery science experiments from the heart of his home and streaming them over social media and virtual platforms for his students.

“The reason why I turned my kitchen into a chemistry lab is for the love of my students,” said Lee.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, forcing schools to close, teachers stepped up. For National Teacher Day, “Good Morning America” is celebrating Lee and teachers from all across the country who are going above and beyond to help their students learn from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Lee said the demonstrations have been great for student participation and engaging with students on a more personal level.

“When you have that great relationship with a student, you can push them forward academically. You are allowed to challenge them and those students rise up and meet the challenge,” he told ABC News’ Robin Roberts.

He went on, “I have gotten 100% participation from my students. They complete the work, they ask questions.They don’t just come with their brain – they come with their hearts, their personalities. And that helps form a great student teacher relationship. If that’s strong, I can push them forward academically.”

Lee said he’s missed being able to check-in with his students in person.

“With any teacher, if we cannot see our students and we do not know if they are OK … if they’re having a great day, a not-so great day, did something exciting happen, did something not exciting happen,” he said highlighting the challenges of virtual learning. “We do not just educate the brain of the child, we educate the whole child.”

(BTW – I want to be a student in his class!)

Be Kind . Be Grace . Be Your BEST Self . Give from the Heart


Learning from a Master

Learning from a Master

NBC – TODAY Show  :  Separated by 70 years, 2 men bond over shared love of the fiddle.

Shaan Ramaprasad, 23, and J.W. Green, 97, find an unlikely friendship and bond through the art of the fiddle.  This beautiful story of the young gaining wisdom and inspiration from a seasoned Master brings such hope. 

May we all continue to see the wisdom in others and grow to make our world a more beautiful place.

Spring Tulips Color Palette

Spring Tulips Color Palette

It doesn’t get more magical than this!  The gardens of Roozengaarde in Skagit Valley, Washington.  I’m definitely going to be ordering some bulbs from them in the future – check out their website and peruse their gallery images.  It’s pretty spectacular, what a magical place. 

I need to credit my Aunt and Uncle for these images – they are lucky enough to live nearby and walk the gardens every season.  My uncle’s words to describe the gardens and the beautiful people responsible for its creation were, “They are painters, and their paints happen to be tulips and flowers.”  He also added, “Van Gogh would have camped out here each Spring”.  I completely agree!  You know you’re in a special place when Buddhist Monks take selfies. 

New Year ~ New Color Palette

New Year ~ New Color Palette

I wanted the kick off the New Year with one of my most favorite things to do – make color palettes.  This particular group of luscious colors is a major inspiration to me – I love the creaminess of the hues as they travel from cool to warm with ease.  I took this picture at the ’29 Rooms’ Los Angeles exhibit last month – it was in the letters to your inner child room.  This broken mirror collage was amazing to stand under and it had a beautiful magical quality to it that created a sense of fantasy and mystery;  a perfect sense of being as we enter into another new year of possibilities.

I wish for you magic, wonder, and limitless possibilities in 2019!



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