Empowering Kids Who Stutter

Empowering Kids Who Stutter

Stuttering is often seen as something to fix, but at Camp SAY in Upstate New York, kids who stutter are taught confidence and to unapologetically accept themselves.

Over 70 million people worldwide stutter, including 5% of all children. Children who stutter often face daily ridicule, teasing and bullying, and resort to silence to hide their stutter. Many will withdraw from peers, teachers, and society, leaving them feeling isolated and alone.

Since 2001, SAY has offered comprehensive and innovative programs that address the physical, social, and emotional impacts of stuttering: Through summer camp, regional day camps, speech therapy, and creative arts programming, SAY builds a community of acceptance, friendship, and encouragement where young people who stutter can develop the confidence and communication skills they need to thrive.

How You Can Help:

be kind . be grace . be there for one another 



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