Color Palette “Box-O-Macarons”

Color Palette “Box-O-Macarons”

Need a little mental break right now? I’ve got just the cure … macarons.

Check out this amazing TCX color palette I’ve been working with this past week.  I took this pic last summer in Hawaii where there is an amazing shop selling these magical beasts (See La Tour Cafe … I just saw you can order their macarons online!).  I figured a little color splash would be a nice treat today – if I can’t have the actual cookies at the moment.

FYI – to my designer friends, if you’re new to working on textile designs the TCX palettes are a little different than the coated or uncoated pantones we typically use for print so it’s fun to create palettes for different substrates.  See Pantone Connect and get a little ‘mad scientist’ with textile color! 

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