New Year ~ New Color Palette

New Year ~ New Color Palette

I wanted the kick off the New Year with one of my most favorite things to do – make color palettes.  This particular group of luscious colors is a major inspiration to me – I love the creaminess of the hues as they travel from cool to warm with ease.  I took this picture at the ’29 Rooms’ Los Angeles exhibit last month – it was in the letters to your inner child room.  This broken mirror collage was amazing to stand under and it had a beautiful magical quality to it that created a sense of fantasy and mystery;  a perfect sense of being as we enter into another new year of possibilities.

I wish for you magic, wonder, and limitless possibilities in 2019!


Color Palette:  Hydrangea Dream

Color Palette: Hydrangea Dream

Some color combinations simply stop me in my tracks.  This is one of them.

This gorgeous bunch of hydrangeas adorned my home for a couple of weeks.  I fell in love with watching their colors transform, shift and fade as the days passed.  I watched as bright chartreuse and fuchsia purples and pinks shifted into burnt plum, raspberry dark chocolate, and pine green, and at no point in this journey did the flowers’ beauty ever cease to charm me. On my bouquet’s final days the arrangement looked regal and wise, elegant and aged.  Such a lovely lesson to witness in full glory.  

Wishing you a glorious and beautiful week

Drought Resistant Color Palette

Drought Resistant Color Palette

You know when you walk by something and it just jumps out at you?  This amazing succulent planter was a gift from a friend and hangs in a pretty prominent place in my back yard.  It’s always been gorgeous but something happened this pas week and the colors just BURST suddenly so of course that meant I had to take a bunch of pictures.  



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