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NEW “Women’s March” Ornaments at my Happy Shoppe on Etsy

NEW “Women’s March” Ornaments at my Happy Shoppe on Etsy

It’s that time of year again and I’m excited to show my
newest Ornament Collection at my Happy Shoppe on Etsy – 
Women’s March!

These little ladies are FIERCE and as always they are each one of a kind and handmade with lots of love by me.  If you see one you like grab it quick.  I’ve had a lot of interest in these already and will try to make as many as I possibly can but there will be a limited number available.

Stay tuned …. more to come!

Color Palette:  Hydrangea Dream

Color Palette: Hydrangea Dream

Some color combinations simply stop me in my tracks.  This is one of them.

This gorgeous bunch of hydrangeas adorned my home for a couple of weeks.  I fell in love with watching their colors transform, shift and fade as the days passed.  I watched as bright chartreuse and fuchsia purples and pinks shifted into burnt plum, raspberry dark chocolate, and pine green, and at no point in this journey did the flowers’ beauty ever cease to charm me. On my bouquet’s final days the arrangement looked regal and wise, elegant and aged.  Such a lovely lesson to witness in full glory.  

Wishing you a glorious and beautiful week



I absolutely love these sunshine-y and cheerful little birds!  They flood our backyard every Spring when the acacia bushes behind our house are blooming.  I put thistle out for them to eat and on a good day there can be up to 20 fighting for space on the feeder.  One day after watching them have a morning feeding frenzy I created these base images.  Unfortunately I got busy with other work and my momentum on figuring out the overall design layout for these birds halted.  I decided to revisit them this morning.  We’ll see what comes of them.  I’ll keep you posted!   :0)

Drought Resistant Color Palette

Drought Resistant Color Palette

You know when you walk by something and it just jumps out at you?  This amazing succulent planter was a gift from a friend and hangs in a pretty prominent place in my back yard.  It’s always been gorgeous but something happened this pas week and the colors just BURST suddenly so of course that meant I had to take a bunch of pictures.  


Need a little Camomile?  Here’s a color palette to lift your spirits

Need a little Camomile? Here’s a color palette to lift your spirits

Camomile, not just for sipping in its tea form.  Pick up a bundle of these sweet little beauties to lift your spirits and bring in that good wellness energy in your home or office. 

For centuries these little flowers have staved off illness, reduced inflammation, aided in soothing asthmatic symptoms, helped with body aches and skin rashes, sped up the healing of wounds and ulcers, and provided calm and rest to those who are weary.  It’s hard to believe such wonders can be held within such a little frame but that’s just the way the Universe works.  Little miracles every day.  Whether you are sipping, diffusing, salving, or admiring in a vase, bring these blooms into your home in one form or another for wellness and well-being so you can be all that you are needed to be today and this week.

Wishing you Joy, Love, and Wellness