May 22

LA FoodBowl Color Palette

We went to the LA Food Bowl last weekend.  It was a night of fabulous dining on a world of different and delicious foods.  Heaven for my foodie husband. While traversing from one of the levels to the next there was this amazing Chinese lantern walkway which most definitely became a must have photo opportunity. With beautiful clear night skies, a wide variety of music playing, people dancing in the walkways, and food being shared ... does it get any better?  I think not!  I also LOVE the colors grabbed in this pic as I looked back on the City Hall building. Thank you Los Angeles.  You always deliver!

... and I was a bit of a star-struck foodie idiot when David Chang blew by while we were in line at Momofuku. He was nice enough to take a pic. If you haven't seen 'Ugly Delicious' on Netflix check it out!  

Apr 09

Drought Resistant Color Palette

You know when you walk by something and it just jumps out at you?  This amazing succulent planter was a gift from a friend and hangs in a pretty prominent place in my back yard.  It's always been gorgeous but something happened this past week and the colors just BURST suddenly so of course that meant I had to take a bunch of pictures (and have some photoshop fun).

Jan 22

Need a little Camomile? Here’s a color palette to lift your spirits

Camomile, not just for sipping in its tea form.  Pick up a bundle of these sweet little beauties to lift your spirits and bring in that good wellness energy in your home or office. 

For centuries these little flowers have staved off illness, reduced inflammation, aided in soothing asthmatic symptoms, helped with body aches and skin rashes, sped up the healing of wounds and ulcers, and provided calm and rest to those who are weary.  It’s hard to believe such wonders can be held within such a little frame but that’s just the way the Universe works.  Little miracles every day.  Whether you are sipping, diffusing, salving, or admiring in a vase, bring these blooms into your home in one form or another for wellness and well-being so you can be all that you are needed to be today and this week.

Wishing you Joy, Love, and Wellness

Jan 08

2018 Color of the Year – Ultra Violet

It’s that wonderful time of year again when Pantone releases its
Color of the Year 2018 = Ultra Violet. 

I’m always so intrigued to read the ‘why’ behind the selection – if you’re interested click HERE.  This year’s color holds a lot of power and energy and hopefully will represent some positive forward motion in the New Year – fingers crossed.

Dec 23

Ornaments Color Palette

One more color palette for the year as I wish you
a wonderful and peaceful Holiday! 

Sending you joy and love

A BIG Thank you also to all my Happy Shoppe customers! 

This year’s little ornament production was so much fun and it makes me smile knowing that my creations will be hanging on trees across the country and world. I think I ended up making about 60 this year, below are some of my favorites. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Dec 07

NEW ‘I Love Barre’ Ornaments at my Happy Shoppe on Etsy

YES – this group could be its own Barre Class! 

I’m excited to let you know that I have just uploaded a brand new party of Barre beauties ornaments at my Happy Shoppe on Etsy.  My first group of Barre girls were snapped up fast and I have been busily making more to add to my offerings.  I had a number of requests for more ‘Blonds’ so you will notice that this group is a very tow headed bunch. 

As always, if you see one you like grab it quick!  

Stay tuned for a few more fun additions to my shoppe coming soon.  :0)


Dec 01

Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Color Palette

Happy December 1st!  The countdown is on!  Yay!  

I hope those of you who follow advent have  purchased your chocolate advent calendars.  There is no better way to start your day then with a piece of chocolate, and BONUS ~ at Christmas time there are no calories!
That’s my kind of countdown!

Wishing you a colorful and chocolate filled day


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