about me

When I was 7 years old I started my own greeting card “company” called Katy Kards. Many hours were spent sitting at my formidable folding card table in my rainbow wallpapered bedroom hand drawing my designs and creating mini picture books for anyone who’d take a look.  Flash forward and not too much has changed. My studio doesn’t have rainbow wallpaper anymore (though that would be pretty awesome),  but I still spend my days designing and creating art.  

I’ve spent many years fine tuning my skills working in a variety of creative fields: interior design, business graphics and branding, greeting cards and stationary, children’s apparel, theatrical set design, art education, and textile and wallcovering digital design … to name a few. I get ridiculously excited every new year when Pantone releases their new ‘Color of the Year’, I absolutely LOVE repeat patterns, and I have a huge collection of vintage children’s picture books that I look at and read still because they make me happy.  Drawing and painting soothes my soul, and sharing my passion for art fills me with joy. It’s a win-win to be able to make a career of this.

I live in beautiful sunny Southern California with my husband and two sons. The beach and the mountains are only a short drive away, and I love that I can escape to both at a moments notice. My studio is filled with knick-knacks to inspire and enough clutter to know that my creative muse is in residence.

Do you love color as much as I do?
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Need more PEACE in your life?  I sure do.  Check out my website “Three Lines and a Circle” to Celebrate Expressions of Peace.

Contact Joan Sargent @ JMS Art Licensing for more info.

what makes me happy …

25+ years married to my amazing husband & best friend.

Now that my kids are grown, the precious moments when I get to hang out with these two incredible young men are the absolute BEST
Going on runs and playing fetch with my sweet dog Daisy is the best stress reliever ever.  Taking her to the dog beach – even better!
Traveling with my sister is such a gift to my soul. No matter where we go in the world, near or far, we always find a way to laugh and enjoy the adventure we are on.

I am obsessed with all things PUMPKIN!  As far as I’m concerned there is no better time of year then Autumn when these beauties hit the market and adorn my front porch.

Yoga, Meditation, and Reiki smooth out my frayed edges. I am so grateful for my yoga practice and all the beautiful people I am blessed to do yoga with.  The Light in me honors the light in you my friends.
Plumerias are my husband and my signature flower.  We have a tree in our yard we’ve been babying since our first year of marriage and during the summer months it yields these fragrant treasures.
ART SUPPLIES! Picking up new art supplies always will be a thrill for me. Whether the supplies are physical paints and paper, or digital brushes and textures, it matters not to me.  I love them!

I love Pantone Colors and working with this brilliant color matching system makes my life so much easier as a designer.  I am always excited to see their big reveal of the new ‘Color of the Year’.

Take me to a beach anywhere any day and I’ll be a happy camper, but a forever favorite of mine is in Lanikai, Hawaii. When we visit our ohana on the islands this is where we love to go. Pure Bliss.
Peace signs are constantly on my radar, I love seeking them out. I found this gorgeous one made of driftwood hanging on the fence of a beautiful beach house at one of my favorite local spots.
Garden fresh roses and pure rose fragrance- the ultimate gift every time these beauties bloom.  I have a daily habit of spritzing myself with  my own personal brew of Rose Water for calming and centering.