After Brian Schwartz lost his job early in the pandemic, the New Jersey man decided to keep busy by doing landscaping chores for people in need:  senior citizens, military members needing some help, and those in his community  who are ill or disabled.

Figuring that lawn mowing was a good socially distanced activity, he started to offer the service free of charge for his neighbors over the age of 65.

“I can only imagine the stress [senior citizens are] all going through. I realized a lot of them are on fixed incomes, so I figured there’s a creative way to help them out. Not just physically, but also mentally,” Schwartz said.

The jobs came so quickly that, within a month, Schwartz established a nonprofit –, which has since matched people in 31 states (to date) with volunteers willing to do their yardwork; from a lung cancer patient in central Wisconsin to disabled veterans in Port Huron, Michegan.

“It makes me feel great,” said Christopher Fuller, 46, a volunteer who responded to the listing in Port Huron.  

Visit ‘
to see how you can be matched with a volunteer to help you
– OR – become a volunteer in your community.

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