Sir Darius Brown, the 14-year-old with a heart of gold is a powerhouse teen entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, animal advocate and founder of Beaux & Paws. He creates handmade stylish bow ties.

At the age of two, Sir Darius was diagnosed with a speech, comprehension, and fine motor skills delay. However, he never let his challenges get in his way or stop him from accomplishing his goals. At the age of eight, his fine motor skills started to improve after he began assisting his older sister with cutting fabric and learning how to use a sewing machine. During this time is when he discovered his passion for making bow ties.

In 2017, Sir Darius, was moved by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, and wanted to do his part to help. Learning that some rescue dogs were being transferred from the devastation in Texas and Puerto Rico to the ASPCA on NYC, Sir Darius thought of a unique way to use his passion of creating bow ties to help the displaced dogs look dapper and cute to help them be more noticeable in hopes of finding their forever homes faster. During his visit at the adoption center, Sir Darius learned that hundreds of dogs are euthanized daily at some shelters due to overcrowding. When he learned of this horrific reality he was devastated. A dog lover himself, this was the beginning of Sir Darius’s mission to help save the lives of dogs and cats by donating his handmade bow ties to animal shelters across the nation.

Sir Darius has donated countless bow ties to shelters and adoption centers across the USA and the United Kingdom and have helped countless shelter pets find loving forever homes.

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