Arkansas teen raises $3,000 to donate hundreds of toys to Children’s Hospital

Story by: Melissa Zygowicz / THV11

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — An Arkansas teenager made a big donation to Arkansas Children’s Hospital Friday to help make kids a little happier on Christmas day.

When it comes to the season of giving, 15-year-old Hadley Bullard takes it pretty seriously.

“It’s just always kind of something I’ve done. It’s sort of become a tradition,” Hadley said.

Since she was nine years old, Hadley has raised her own money to buy toys for kids at Arkansas Children’s hospital.

“I can’t imagine being in the hospital on Christmas,” she said.

It’s close to her heart because Hadley has a chronic illness herself.

“I stayed here for about four days this year,” she said.

This is why it is so important for her to give back to the hospital.

“She just has a big heart and she’s kind of a giver by nature,” Bridget Fortenberry said.

Hadley’s mom Bridget said she raises the money through baking. Through her Instagram account “WhippingUpSweetness,” Hadley decorates her own sugar cookies and then holds auctions so she can save up to buy enough toys.

“She just enjoys being able to go out and pick the toys for the kids,” Bridget said.

This year, Hadley raised over $3,000. That was enough to buy over 300 toys.

“Last week, we went and did a bunch of shopping, and so we had to bring three cars today to fit them all,” Hadley said.

Giving back brings Hadley a lot of joy, and she said that is what Christmas is truly about.

“I hope that they can get joy and kind of be distracted from anything else that may be going on that they’re dealing with and they can have joy for just a little bit,” she said.

Hadley said she also worked with another friend to split the funds to send toys to the children’s hospital in Philadelphia.

We can NEVER get too many stories of Kindness, tales of Compassion, or expressions of Peace.  I wanted to end 2019 with a blast of GOOD NEWS with the hope that 2020 will ring in with LOVE

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