When the Roseville, CA, police department called for help to find a 97-year-old woman with dementia, a squad of four embarked on a mission to find her.  Logan Hultman, Makenna Rogers, and Kashton Claiborne, all 10, and Hope Claiborne, 11, took to the streets on their bikes, riding across town, over hills, and through parks.  Logan fell off his bike and hurt himself, but they regrouped after patching up his wound and eating dinner.  They finally spotted the missing woman near the senior center and alerted the police who took over and, as Logan said modestly, “took care of everything else.”  The kids celebrated with a party in Makenna’s treehouse.

We can NEVER get too many stories of Kindness, tales of Compassion, or expressions of Peace.  I wanted to end 2019 with a blast of GOOD NEWS with the hope that 2020 will ring in with LOVE

Love, Kate

“Be the CHANGE you want to SEE in the World.”  ~Mahatma Gandhi


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