Searching desperately for a kidney that would let him survive a rare disease, Ricky King posted a last-ditch plea on the back of his car.  The sign caught the eye of a neighbor, Armando Llanes, who introduced himself – and found that, like him, King was an Army veteran. Llanes had served for eight years; King retired after 24.  Llanes was brought to tears by King’s story, and believing he should “never leave a fallen soldier,” offered to donate his own kidney to save King’s life.  While Llanes ‘ organ won’t go directly to King, he’ll get another kidney in a four-way swap.  “It’s that brotherhood,” Llanes said.

We can NEVER get too many stories of Kindness, tales of Compassion, or expressions of Peace.  I wanted to end 2019 with a blast of GOOD NEWS with the hope that 2020 will ring in with LOVE

Love, Kate

“Be the CHANGE you want to SEE in the World.”  ~Mahatma Gandhi


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