Post-It Notes Send Positive Messages To Rye Neck High School Students

Written by Michael Woyton / Patch

MAMARONECK, NY — Members of Rye Neck High School’s Mind Your Mind Club are sending simple, yet powerful messages to their peers thanks to Post-it notes they left throughout the building. Ranging from “You Are Enough” to “Kindness Changes Everything,” “Love Yourself” to “Be Brave,” the messages were designed to spread positivity.

“We know that school days can sometimes be stressful due to academic or social reasons,” said Nicole Crispinelli, school psychologist and adviser of the club.

“Our hope is that a small and thoughtful positive message may serve as a reminder to someone to take a deep breath, remember that feelings are temporary, and that they are supported at school by friends and staff,” she said. “We all could benefit from viewing these positive messages in the hallway as we are walking around the building.”

With assistance from Crispinelli and Principal Tina Wilson, members of the Mind Your Mind Club placed the Post-it notes in the shape of a heart on a wall outside the dining hall, as well as in the girls bathrooms around the building.

Lilly Morningstar, a junior and president of the Mind Your Mind Club, said that while the messages are simple and short, they resonate with her peers and can make a big difference in spreading positivity.

Throughout the school year, Mind Your Mind Club members raise funds for different mental health organizations and practice different mindfulness techniques, including breathing exercises and yoga, to help them relax and calm down. In addition, in honor of World Mental Health Day, they have been raising awareness about mental health and advocating against social stigma.


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