Amy Jandrisevits‘ previous life working as a pediatric oncology social worker, along with her love of dolls, has inspired her current passion and work project – ‘A Doll Like Me’.  As a social worker she realized the value and importance dolls represented in her work with children. 

“I thought it was so important to have dolls available to the kids 1) because everyone should have something to cuddle, 2) everyone should have a doll that looks like them (especially when you don’t have any hair!), and 3) medical play is helpful for psychosocial adjustment.”

With that as a rooted source of inspiration and foundation Amy has built a thriving business creating custom dolls.  “It is my heartfelt belief that dolls should look like their owners AND dolls should be available in all colors, genders, and body types.”

Her work has evolved as specific children’s needs have presented themselves.  No matter the uniquely beautiful difference … be it limb loss, birthmarks, albinism, or a result of illness or injury, Amy creates dolls that celebrate each child’s one-of-a-kind-ness.  Amy states her motivation for her work simply … “In an ideal world, limb difference, body type, medical condition, birthmarks and hand differences would be as accepted as all of the other things that make us unique.  Until then, kids might need a little extra coaching … and something that will help them feel proud of who they are.  THAT is why I make dolls.  Dolls touch a place in kids that medicine can’t.”

Each of Amy’s dolls cost around $100 to make and she hopes to turn ‘A Doll Like Me’ into an official non-profit.  She has already created over 300 dolls that have blessed the lives of children across the United States and Internationally, and has currently partnered with a children’s hospital to identify children who would benefit from having a doll for comfort as they go through their medical care.  You can support her efforts and/or sponsor a doll for a child through her Go Fund Me page. 

Learn More about Amy Jandrisevits and ‘A Doll Like Me’ on her Facebook Page HERE.


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