This story resonates so deeply with me. Vijay Gupta, Founder of Street Symphony, is making a difference in Los Angeles in a deeply beautiful way.  His passion and grace is palpable and his desire to do right in the world is inspiring.  If you would like to learn more about the work he is doing with Street Symphony please checkout their Website.  Better yet, Donate Here to help support their continued efforts to bring music to the masses.

“When we make music in skid row it isn’t about doing something for the homeless it’s about understanding our neighbor.”  ~Vijay Gupta

Street Corner Symphonies
by: Great Big Story

Los Angeles’s Skid Row has been stuck at the center of America’s epidemic of homelessness. It is also located right next to the Walt Disney Music Hall, home to the LA Philharmonic, one of the country’s top orchestras. Wanting to give back to his neighbors, the philharmonic’s first violinist, Vijay Gupta, has been taking his talents to the streets. To date, Gupta and his fellow musicians have played over 500 free concerts in Skid Row—for the violinist, it’s all about understanding and acknowledging the humanity in your neighbors.


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