In beautiful Portland, Oregon, where amazing coffee is a staple of life, a little coffee roaster, Happy Cup Coffee Company, is pouring up opportunity, joy and delicious brews for customers and its employees.

I recently visited a friend and came across this business and its lovely story. Happy Cup Coffee is an artisan roaster based in Portland, Oregon with a clear and beautiful goal: to offer employment and opportunity to adults with disabilities and to deliver an OUTSTANDING cup of coffee.

Their Mission statement:

  • Offer employment, a competitive wage and full life to adults with disabilities in our local community – our People with Potential.
  • Help create a better future for the disabled by donating a percentage of our profits to vocational and recreational programming for this community.
  • Deliver a responsible, great tasting cup of coffee that is ethically traded and Kosher.

Founder Rachel Bloom holds to the idea that customers will want to purchase the goodwill her coffee brings in addition to the great taste.   Bloom has created an encouraging environment that allows employees to not only be an integral part of their product production but also represent the company at local stores like New Seasons and Whole Foods by expanding sales skills and providing samples to customers.

Rachel Bloom was a high school special education teacher who grew concerned about the future of her students, not sure what would be next for them when they aged out of publicly funded programs. She wanted them to live happy, productive lives but once they turned 18 and graduated she found that most faced a shortage of vocational and recreational options. She decided to create a business that would give back by addressing the challenges adults with disabilities face every day. Happy Cup and Full Life – Champions for People with Potential, provide opportunity to thrive to many adults who might have otherwise been overlooked. At a time when 75% of people with mental challenges can’t get a job Happy Cup is making a difference.

“It’s a dream that comes true in a new way every day”, says Rachel.


The Happy Cup team of employees ranges in age and skill but what they all share is a love of working, a dedication to their jobs, and a passion to help Happy Cup grow. When asked what the most challenging part of her job is, employee Keyona Martin says it’s that she “learns at a different level, but that doesn’t stop me”.

I just ordered my box of Happy Cup Coffee in time for the Holidays and it arrived in 2 days perfectly packed and deliciously fragrant and ready to brew! Each individual coffee bag was stamped with the name of the packer and I even received personally written and drawn notes in the box thanking me for my purchase. I want to say thank you to my coffee packers: David, Ace, Marvin, and Christina for so lovingly preparing my shipment.

At a time when myopic division is growing at an unsettling pace it is lovely to see people filling the needs within their communities and providing support, love, and encouragement … along with a great cup of coffee! Cheers to that!

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