This past weekend In the small town of Kaimuki, Hawaii on the island of Oahu local residents have started a campaign to erase the abuse their home has taken by graffiti vandals and taggers.  Street Art Hawaii, a group of artists from the area, are gathering across town to paint beautiful images and murals over once marked traffic signal boxes.

“The objective, mission, and the vision of this project was not only to beautify Kaimuki, but to help have ownership of what’s going on around here and to also limit and prevent the graffiti,” said artist Gordon Noice.

This grassroots effort to take action on a need in their city was conceived and organized by resident Jennifer Noel.  “Graffiti artists like to go to a ‘clean slate’,”  Jennifer explains.  By painting works of art on these municipal boxes she and her fellow artists are hoping to both deter the taggers and also bring light and beauty back to their neighborhoods.  The project is supported by both individual donors and companies.

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Street art with a purpose: Artists aim to beautify Kaimuki one signal box at a time
Davis Pitner / Hawaii News Now


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