This is a story of a beautiful 99 year old woman from Clearwater, Florida who has used her gift and love of sewing to bring light to others who are suffering.  Martha Heft, along with fellow sewers from her church’s quilting club, have been making quilted blankets and dresses for children who have been afflicted by adversity and hardship.  Her home-sewn crafted creations have made their way to Haiti and most recently Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.  Earlier this year Martha’s granddaughter and her husband delivered 60 brightly colored and dazzlingly embellished dresses to Regraso de Paz, an orphanage in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.  Her creations are each adorned with a little note of love an encouragement, one such note reading ‘smile because we love you’.    “For us it’s a blessing to be cared for by people that don’t even know them,” said Magdalena Jimenez, the Regraso de Paz executive director.

Martha has been sewing since she was 5 years old and her love of sewing along with her compassionate heart has gifted many others in her community and beyond.  When asked how long she will continue to sew Martha’s reply is, “”As long as God grants me life and health, I’m happy to do this. I just wish I had a little bit more speed.”

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99-year-old Florida woman and her church group sew 60 dresses for orphans in Puerto Rico,
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