Brave Gowns is the amazing brainchild of Summer Germann, providing super hero and fantasy themed hospital gowns to terminally ill children. Brave Gowns was established in memory of Summer’s little brother who passed away from an aggressive cancer at the age of 10.  (See the video below to hear her story).  I came across Brave Gowns when Summer was interviewed on a local news station and her story is nothing short of inspirational.  

“Every 33 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer alone. It is our goal to make the experience less scary. Brave Gowns are changing the game in patient wear and patient care!”

In 2017 over 175,000 Brave Gowns were worn by patients in Children’s Hospitals throughout the US.   If you’d like to help support Brave Gowns please take a look at their SHOP or contact them HERE to inquire about making a donation.  Also – fun news, I read on their website they are coming out soon with adult gowns.


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