I thought this was the perfect ‘first post pic’ to put up.  I took this while on a walk last week.  So simple, nothing fancy, and I nearly stepped right over it (as I had for many days up until that point).  It took this one particular morning to make me stop and take notice. That’s what I’m doing these days, though – I’m training my mind to see. Not to see Peace Signs per say, but to realize moments when I can find Peace in a simple glimpse of time. This example is a very subtle one, but a moment still the same. How many times do we walk right over what is right in front of us that could give us a sense of peace in the middle of a stressful day?  How many times do we miss the ‘moment’? The goal of this site is to shed some light on the practice necessary to seeing Peace. It’s there for us, we just need to keep our eyes open.


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