Camomile, not just for sipping in its tea form.  Pick up a bundle of these sweet little beauties to lift your spirits and bring in that good wellness energy in your home or office. 

For centuries these little flowers have staved off illness, reduced inflammation, aided in soothing asthmatic symptoms, helped with body aches and skin rashes, sped up the healing of wounds and ulcers, and provided calm and rest to those who are weary.  It’s hard to believe such wonders can be held within such a little frame but that’s just the way the Universe works.  Little miracles every day.  Whether you are sipping, diffusing, salving, or admiring in a vase, bring these blooms into your home in one form or another for wellness and well-being so you can be all that you are needed to be today and this week.

Wishing you Joy, Love, and Wellness


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