I went to the Getty Museum last weekend.  It had been awhile since I’d been there and it felt so great walking through the Masters halls – especially the Dutch Masters. When I got to Bartholomeus van der Helst’s “Portrait of a Young Man” I literally froze in awe. I must have seen this portrait before but never really saw it until that day. SPECTACULAR is all I can say to describe its splendor. It is hard to imagine the immense patience, talent, and time this level of detail took him to create this metallic embroidery and trim. His patron, an obviously wealthy young man, must have been thrilled with the result. It is amazing to say the least and a real reason artists like Van der Helst are called Masters. If you’re around the Getty Museum in Los Angeles try to go see it. It made me remember that even though my daily work involves technology more and more it is this Mastery that inspires me the most. 


“Portrait of a Young Man” (1650) by Bartholomeus van der Helst / Dutch – Oil on Canvas



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