My husband and I recently had the extreme honor of attending our new neighbor’s family baby shower.  They are an amazing couple who are from India and this will be their first child. It was one of the most colorful events, certainly baby showers, I’ve attended.  I felt very bland amongst the beautiful women all dressed in brightly colored saris, but even so the whole group all welcomed us as if we were apart of their family.  It was an utter delight and treat to be there and I just had to make a color palette for it.  Enjoy!

The images below and above show the table that was set for a traditional blessing of the mother-to-be.  Symbolic platters of sweets, flowers, rice with sandlewood oil, various spices, glass bangles, and fruit (all in odd numbered quantities) were layed out on this gorgeous table display in front of the mama to be.  Each couple present who have children took turns participating in the ceremony of giving their personal blessings by putting sandlewood oil on my friend’s wrists and jawline, sprinkling rice and flower petals over her head, placing fruit and flowers in her lap, feeding her a sweet treat, and placing a bangle on her arms – all representing prosperity, health and wellness, happiness, sweetness, and love for the new family to be. What a treat and honor it was for Mark and I to add our blessing to this beautiful couple. I’m so looking forward to seeing our new little addition join our local family. 




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