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Apr 06

Going Wild – Zebra Inspiration


In case you’re needing a little inspiration today, check out the amazing patterns in these zebra stripes. God really is an awesome artist!


Jan 18

Color Palette: Castle Ceiling – Bojnice, Slovakia

Thank you to my world traveling niece for sending me a plethora of gorgeous inspiration pattern and texture photos from her recent travels in Hungary, Slovakia, and Germany. I’ve got a lot more to share, so stay tuned!

The above color palette is from a ceiling detail at a castle in Bojnice, Slovakia. I can’t imagine how this room must have glowed, shimmered, and sparkled back in the day when it was illuminated by a room full of candle chandeliers and sconces. It must have been breathtaking! Below are a few more patterns and textures from the same castle. Learning the artistry of design from the Masters of the past is truly a blessing. And to imagine they did all this without the aide of modern technology and equipment!


Apr 17

Inspiration: The Journey of a Dress ~ Diane von Furstenberg


DVF-1Last weekend I hit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to see the Alexander Calder exhibit (on until 7/27/14). It was a really great sampling of Calder’s amazing art, but even better to my museum experience was the Diane von Furstenberg show “Journey of a Dress”, now extended through May 1! The show is fantastic! If you live in the Los Angeles area I highly recommend you try and go before it closes. The second you walk through the doors it is a sea of color, pattern, shape, flow, and, let’s face it … girl power. My husband and son were troopers and went through it all with me (with a promise of hitting the food trucks that line the museum’s periphery), and I left the gallery feeling utterly inspired to create some fun patterns, as well as buy myself a wrap dress.

Here are just a few images that inspired me:




Feb 04

Textures from Italy

Italy-TextureI’m working on textures these days and thanks to some amazing photos my uber talented brother in law, Bruce, took, I am enjoying the sights of Italy.  Above are just a few pics I wanted to share.  

                            Cobblestone Photo KPD-Cobblestone-texture

I’m BIG on cobblestones at the moment.  Unfortunately my Los Angeles suburb doesn’t have a lot of cobblestoned streets to admire, so these images are taking me on little vacation. Check out the texture brush I made from the referenced photo on the left.  Feel free to grab the brush image and try it yourself in ps or ai.  

Alla Prossima!

Sep 09

Inspiration: Cobblestones

There is nothing quite like the beauty and pattern found in a cobblestone path. I’m always humbled by them, imagining the many feet that crossed over their unbalanced and imperfect surface.

My talented and world traveling niece, Sam Spurlock of the Wanderlust Advocate blog fame, sent me these photos from a recent trip to Prague. It’s the simplest of things to see beauty in man’s attempt at taming nature. You’ve got to love this artistry!







May 09

“Binary Love You” Fabric available at Spoonflower

GEEK-CHICK-FABRICI had so much fun creating this fabric.  I have been taking Michelle Fifis’ e-courses at Pattern Observer for the last year to increase my skill and knowledge on how to properly create repeat patterns for the fabric industry.  It’s a whole lot trickier than I originally thought and Michelle’s courses have been invaluable in my growth as a designer.  

With my emerging and new skills I decided to have a little fun and participate in Spoonflower and Robert Kaufman Fabrics’ competition entitled “Geek Chic”.  I didn’t have a lot of time to invest in the project, but I’m always trying to challenge myself to work faster and more efficiently. I decided to create a Binary Coded Love Note fabric for all the passionate Geeks out there who love a little cute fun and whimsy in their day.  I found this awesome Binary Code translator (try it out sometime – it’s really fun to do), and created love notes for the brainy and brilliant.  It was great fun.  The next challenge was to create a half drop repeat, and it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add in some hand drawn touches.  The end result is my BINARY LOVE YOU fabric available now for sale in Fabric and Giftwrap at!  I think I’m going to make a little pillow with this swatch.  I’m kind of hooked on Spoonflower now, and I’m fast becoming addicted to creating repeat patterns, so you can be sure I’ll have some more designs out in the future. I’ll keep you posted! 


Click HERE, or on the image below, to go to the order page!

Binary Love You

OH, a side note – I didn’t win the “Geek Chic” competition but I learned so much from this first go around that I am going to for sure give it a try again next time!


May 05

Inspiration: Wood Grain

Wood-GrainI’ve been diving deep into textures lately and when I came across this old log cabin, and its fabulous rustic gnarled surface, I knew I had to take some pictures.  I’m thinking a fun PS texture brush is going to come of these images, but for now I’m just marveling at the simple beauty of it.  What’s inspiring you today?



Jul 30

Stone Patterns

Need a little inspiration?  Check out these stone patterns.  I love the fluidity and elegance of this type of artistic expression. I am fascinated by the craftsmen who work in this medium.  When art blends with function and then placed into an architectural space effortlessly, it’s nirvana as far as I’m concerned.

Much to my kids’ dismay, I am notorious for clicking pictures wherever I go. These came from the Huntington Library & Gardens in San Marino, CA.  If you can get yourself there – please go!  This is only the smallest sampling of what you’ll see.

Wishing you inspiration today!  Now – back to the Olypmics! 

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