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Feb 05

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Year of the Monkey


If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you know how much I love celebrating Chinese New Year. Monday 2/8/16 – starts the Year of the Monkey. This can be somewhat of a precarious and wacky year in the Zodiac if you read the forecasts, but it can also bring along amazing surprises and exciting new adventures. 

As a treat I put together for you a Hong Pao Envelope template. Just click on the image below and print, cut and assemble, fill the finished Hong Pao with money and give to someone you love with wishes for Good Luck and Prosperity!

Have fun!  

Oh, and if you want something yummy to fix for dinner on the big day here is the recipe for  Tao Tao Chicken Salad.  It’s AHHHH-MAZING ~ (Thank you to my Mother in law for introducing my family and I to it!)


Jan 15

A Cure for the New Year’s Artist Block

Inspiration-KPDIf you’re like me, every January I am fired up to get the new year started but find myself feeling a little sluggish creatively (I blame it on the sugar). It’s frustrating and always seems to take me a couple of weeks to get back into the swing of things. To help me get my mojo moving (and I do this throughout the year as these little blocks occur) I’ve adopted a habit of surfing my  favorite freebie tutorial sites and randomly picking a project/technique to learn. This year I am working on challenging myself with some vintage script and lettering looks. While I was looking up fun exercises I came across a resource that I never knew existed – the New York Public Library Digital Collections! I am SO incredibly inspired by it and wanted to make sure to share the link with you! These images are all public domain so you can have fun with these worry-free!

NYPL Collections


Another place for amazing eye-candy inspiration is the Library of Congress WPA website “Works Projects Administration” (originally the “Works Progress Administration”) where you can find a collection of posters created to promote the various supported WPA programs. The inspiration you will get here is limitless! Enjoy the ride – be warned, however, it’s a bit of a time suck because going through the WPA and the New York Public Library files is addicting.

WPA Posters


Last, here are links to a couple of my favorite tutorial sites:

Digital Arts Online

Design Cuts

Happy Inspiration my friends!


Sep 11

A Sweet Treat from Me to You!


I’m celebrating my birthday week (yes – I said “week”) by kicking it off with a fun recipe share of my new favorite cocktail – the Guava Margarita!

It is the absolute perfect remedy for a hot day!


Aug 24

Inspiration Oregon Coast & a Freebie Texture Download


I’m sick of the heat! I know I’m not alone in that feeling either. Last week my family and I headed up to Oregon to take my son back to college and (shockingly) found that the Portland area was actually hotter than Los Angeles those few days we were there! Go figure! I wasn’t a happy camper. I was happy, however, when we decided to take a drive to the coast and happily saw the thermometer readings drop by 25 degrees! Heaven! Even though it was only a short restbit from the heat it was lovely none the less. I also got some great texture shots. Below is a fun “Jagged Bark” texture I made from one of them that I thought you might enjoy. Click on the picture below to download.

KPD-Jagged-Bark-TextureHappy Creating & Stay Cool!


Mar 12

Link Love – Need some amazing Fonts or Graphics?

I can’t say enough about my new obsession – Design Cuts, a UK based group of graphics gurus offering up technique tutorials, inspiration, and crazy good deals on designer packages of fonts, patterns, brushes, etc… It’s like Disneyland for artists!  

I have been looking for new fonts lately and came across their current deal 22 Best Selling Gorgeous Fonts (only a few more days left to purchase this bundle). The fonts are amazing and all have a single user license upon purchase to use commercially! Even better is the INSANE price! This bundle alone has a value of $1,651, but you can get it for …..

….. (wait for it) …..


I’m not kidding!  That’s how Design Cuts works!  Check it out for yourself.


Also, I want to give my new friends over at Retro Vectors and Retro Picts some link love! These two websites contain a collection of professionally prepared and organized royalty free graphics and photos that I was introduced to via Design Cuts. If you’re ever needing an image or photo to enhance a project – this is the place to go! It is so fantastic what they offer, and all for free!  Gotta love that!  That being said, because the amazing folks at Retro Vectors/Picts are working artists as well, their time is valuable so don’t forget to donate to their “Tip Jar”.  It’s wonderful what they do!


Wishing you loads of happy creating!



Oct 31

Fun Freebie: Printable Dia de los Muertos Party Coasters


Click here to download this fun freebie I made especially for you:  

Printable Party Coasters for Dia de los Muertos

I know I’ve said this before, but Dia de los Muertos is one of my favorite holidays. There is still a lot of confusion about this celebration, with many people assuming that it is a continuation of Halloween and all things spooky and frightening.  Unlike Halloween, however, Dia de los Muertos is a beautiful and joyful celebration of Life and is a time to remember and honor the people in our lives who have passed on.  

Download and print these fun little Calavera Coasters (and they also make great gift tags too) to use as you celebrate the next few days, Oct 31 – Nov. 2!


Dec 18

To You from Me: Printable Wine Charms & Gift Tags!

This is a BIG week of final Holiday happenings.  If you’re like me, you’re busy wrapping gifts and preparing for family to come into town, or for the big weekend of holiday parties.  With that in mind I thought I’d make some printable goodies for you to help with your Holiday preparations!  

Wine Charms/Tags:

You can’t tell in this picture, but this year I got into making etched monogrammed glassware for friends.  To go with the glass I wanted to make little wine charms but I didn’t have time to make the wired kind, so I designed and printed these little tags out and they work perfectly!  I printed the person’s name on the back of each tag and WHALLAH – instant charm! 


 Click on the Image to print

Gift Tags:

Wrapping is my least favorite job of the holidays, but I love the gift buying and giving part.  To make your wrapping duties a little more varied and fun, here are some gift tags you can add to your mix.  You can never get enough! 


Click on the Image to print


Nov 27

My Gift to You: Printable Thanksgiving Day Placecards



Happy Thanksgiving!  

Here’s a little goodie for you just in time for the big day of feasting! Click HERE to download some Thanksgiving Day Placecards that I made especially for you to use at your Thanksgiving table! Enjoy, have fun, and take time to relax and celebrate all your blessings.

BTW – I’m starting my prepwork for “Crack Pie” tonight.  If you don’t already have a pie made yet, or have one in mind to make, you’ve GOT to give this a try! You’ll be hooked – I promise!