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Apr 27

04/27/12 – Fortune Friday from a Jar

So true! But lately I have seen some pretty amazing photos that I dare say capture quite a lot of the charm of their subject matter.  Hmmm, I have to question the accuracy of this little fortune, but my rule is to post whatever I pull out of the jar and this is what came forth today.

I see this fortune as more of a really good ‘line’ a guy might give to a girl on a date. What do you think?

Apr 13

Fortune Friday from a Jar: 04/13/12

Today’s “fortune” is from my jar but isn’t really a fortune, but rather a quote I cut out from the newspaper.  They’re great words to live by, though!

Wishing you a “No exceptions or excuses” weekend.

Mar 30

Fortune Friday from a Jar 3/30/12

I have a wonderful jar that I put all the fortunes my family and I acquire from our fortune cookies (we really like Chinese food, so we have A LOT).  I decided I would start a little series posting a random fortune from my jar on Fridays … just in time to get you ready for your weekend.