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Mar 26

Color Palette – Grassy Greens! AND Subscriber Bonus!

Green, Green Beautiful Green!  It’s Pantone’s pick for the year and it is a perfect hue to remind us all of the power and peace of Mother Nature’s fave color. 

I’m a little late to the party on this year’s Color of the Year announcement since at the time it was revealed I was in crazy Web-Lady mode working on my Website re-do, but better late then never!  BTW – I am loving all the Green that is popping up right now.  We’ve had rain here in So-Cal and this color is returning to our brown landscape for the first time in several years!  Hallelujah!


If you are on my subscriber list you will be receiving an extra goodie – A FUN FREEBIE TEXTURE file (see example below of how it can be used).  This FREEBIE texture file is made from the grassy green color palette image above and it is seamless so it will work beautifully on your projects no matter what the size.  Enjoy!  

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Dec 18

Merry Christmas Color Palettes!



It’s Christmas time and I am SO looking forward to some relaxing fun with friends and family! It’s been quite a year on many levels but right now I just want to focus on joy, peace, and love and the spirit of giving this Holiday Season.  One fun new thing I got to experience this year was the opportunity to be a Christmas Tree designer for the local Boys and Girls Club charity event – “The Festival of Trees”.  For two weekends in the month of November I tinseled, bedazzled, and adorned four fabulous trees that were eventually auctioned off to the highest bidders to benefit our local Boys and Girls Club. The other designers and I had glitter coated in our hair and skin for a good three weeks afterwards (glitter is sticky stuff!), but it was worth the sparkling residue, especially seeing the finished trees on display. The colors were amazing so I decided there was no better way to finish 2016’s color palette series then with color inspiration from the four trees I designed! Enjoy!


“All You Need Is Love”  – (my Peace inspired tree)


“Woodland Rapsody”  – (this one is 100% inspired for my sister)

“Black Tie Affair”  – (my black & white tree – and side note, it won a 1st prize ribbon!)

“Mele Kalikimaka” Palm  – (inspired for my Hawaii Ohana)


OH, and one more thing…

some Christmas caroling fun carpool karaoke style as only James Corden can do!  Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, lots of Peace, Joy, Love, Wellness, & Fabulous Fun in 2017!

Oct 11

Autumn Color Palettes


Happy Fall everyone! The two color palettes above are from photos taken at my sister’s house where she has the most amazing contrast of autumn leaves dripping above these vibrant purple garden flowers. Oh the beauty of nature!  

I’m so happy it’s finally autumn! SoCal isn’t getting the cool Fall weather that we’d all love to have, but it is starting to turn a little and the edge of summer seems to be subsiding – a little. Let’s just hope we get rain soon. Needless to say my house is decorated for Trick or Treaters, pumpkins bought, and my favorite Halloween coffee mugs are out and ready to be used in the morning. I’m also excited to be headed to another yoga retreat, my last for 2016, and I just had to share with you the newest addition to my Halloween decor that my sister just gave me! I’m thinking this little yogi will be going straight to my desk after the holiday is over.   He’s WAY too awesome to pack away! yoga-skeleton


Aug 27

Color Palette: Radishes

I love this picture!  It’s like these radishes are on stage waiting to perform a show, which is exactly the way I took it to be at the Farmer’s Market the other day. I’ve been pretty obsessed with radishes this summer. I never used to like them much but as a kid I remember my dad loving them and this summer I now know why. They are delicious! Oh my gosh: in salads, in marinades, grilled, raw, etc… I absolutely love them, and how can you beat this color palette?! Seriously – if you’re a pink lover this is your veg!  Need some recipe inspiration? Check out Real Simple’s 13 Tasty Radishes recipes.

As we watch summer slowly depart I highly recommend you grab a bunch of these beauties while they’re still plentiful next time you’re at the market. You won’t regret it.

All my Pink Rose & Purple Passionista Friends – this color palette is for you.



Aug 01

Color Palette: Aquarium

I’d like to take credit for this beautiful photo, but I can’t… it was taken by an amazing and talented soon to be 8th grader – Kaitlin.  She was showing me pictures from her recent trip to the London’s Sea Life Aquarium and I fell in love with the colors in this shot. She happily granted me permission to make a color palette with it and I hope you too can marvel at the majesty of these hues! Nature is truly magical.

Wishing you Light & Love /  Happy August


Jun 11

Color Palette: Portrait of a Young Man detail (Bartholomeus van der Helst)

I went to the Getty Museum last weekend.  It had been awhile since I’d been there and it felt so great walking through the Masters halls – especially the Dutch Masters. When I got to Bartholomeus van der Helst’s “Portrait of a Young Man” I literally froze in awe. I must have seen this portrait before but never really saw it until that day. SPECTACULAR is all I can say to describe its splendor. It is hard to imagine the immense patience, talent, and time this level of detail took him to create this metallic embroidery and trim. His patron, an obviously wealthy young man, must have been thrilled with the result. It is amazing to say the least and a real reason artists like Van der Helst are called Masters. If you’re around the Getty Museum in Los Angeles try to go see it. It made me remember that even though my daily work involves technology more and more it is this Mastery that inspires me the most. 


“Portrait of a Young Man” (1650) by Bartholomeus van der Helst / Dutch – Oil on Canvas


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