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Aug 15

Ebru Art

Photos from Ebru Art

You may not have heard the term Ebru Art before but at one point you most certainly have seen this beautiful marbled painting technique on products in the store.  It is an ancient art form that has been practiced for centuries, originating in Turkistan in Central Asia and known to Europeans as “Turkish Paper” since the 1600’s. In the most simplest of ways to explain how this complicated art is created ~ it is a dance performed by the artist working to manipulate floating paint pigments on the surface of thickened water, creating a desired image or pattern and transferring it to paper. I am not doing this description justice because it is such a skilled and practiced craft, but to learn more click HERE and HERE. Below are two OUTSTANDING and mesmerizing short videos to watch by Turkish Ebru Artist Garip Ay.  Beautiful is an understatement.  Enjoy!  

VanGogh on Dark Water Animation


Ebru Art on Dark Water


Aug 31

Remembering a Great Man – Dr. Wayne Dyer


The world lost an angel this past weekend.  Dr. Wayne Dyer has been an inspiration to me for years through his books and talks.  I am saddened by the news of his passing this past weekend, however I know that his wisdom and legacy will live on. This is just one of the quotes I love of his. He was a blessing to this Earth.


Aug 10

Hey – Look what’s new at Illustration Friday!

illustration Friday

Attention all my artist and illustrator friends who love Illustration Friday.  In case you missed this bit of news that the amazing Thomas James released last week regarding his new big plans for making Illustration Friday even better, click on the image below to check it out!  I love his idea for growing the site to include even more inspiration and learning tools!  Thanks Thomas!



Jul 27


Playing-for-Change---Ripple1This makes me smile. 

If I only paid attention to the info given on the news reports or in the papers and webfeeds I’d be pretty sure that the end of the world was upon us, the zombie apocalypse was around the corner, and that humankind is anything but.

However, then I see this – Playing for Change: Connecting the World through Music and I’m reminded that humans are more than just kind, we are amazing, creative, giving, resilient, and most importantly – we are loving. I needed this today and I hope this brings a smile to your heart too.

[youtube MHo1fNnXFVU nolink]

Go create amazing and glorious ‘Ripples’ this week!


Jun 23

Inspiration: Lorraine Loots’ #ANTSinNYC

Lorraine Loots Art for Ants 1I want to share some link love today because I am so inspired by Lorraine Loots! My husband showed me the video below of her upcoming exhibit “#ANTS in NYC”, a part of her “Paintings for Ants” project.  The show is taking place in NYC next month (Three Kings Studio – 754 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn / July 8-15, 2015).  You can follow her on instagram too! I love her detail and varied subject matter, and you can’t help but be drawn to the spirit and energy she exudes through her detailed masterpieces. If you are lucky enough to live in the Brooklyn/NYC area please try and check it out!

[vimeo 130624420 nolink]

[vimeo 82643547 nolink]

Happy Inspiration Day!



Mar 09

Inspiration: The Art of Reverse Glass Painting, Gilding, and Sign Making – The Artistry of David A. Smith

If you’ve ever been curious, like I was recently, about the art of glass sign making and reverse glass painting, I have a treat for you.  Check out David A. Smith’s VIMEO video (link below) to see his amazing technique. I was truly humbled by watching such intense craftsmanship at work. No doubt I have new and greater appreciation for signs and artpieces such as these that I see.David-A-Smith-Reverse-Glass-Artist


Click below to watch VIDEO 

Vimeo David A Smith Reverse Glass Artist


Apr 30

My New FAVORITE Book: “Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book”



My husband found this book for me at the library and it is now one of my new favorites:  Everything I Need to Know I learned from a Little Golden Book by Diane Muldrow.  SO true, words to live by … at least in my world. This book is like candy for the soul (especially for all you Little Golden Book fans out there). I had so much fun flipping through this collection of wonderful illustrations from Golden Books past that I am ordering myself a copy because I know I’m not going to want to return this one to the library.

This little book, with its signature gold foiled binding, like all Golden Books expresses wisdom and love through the gorgeous art of some of the most talented illustrators around.  Whether you’re a children’s book enthusiast or just want to get it to read with your child, you can’t go wrong with this pick. 


Creative Credits:
“Cultivate Contentment”:  Image – From “Tawny Scrawny Lion” by Kathryn Jackson, illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren, 1952
“Take a mental health day now and then”:  From “The Little Red Hen, illustrated by J.P. Miller, 1954
“Express yourself”:  From “Daddies” by Janet Frank, illustrated by Tibor Gergely, 1953
“Try a new look!”:  From “Pantaloon” by Kathryn Jackson, illustrated by Leonard Weisgard, 1951
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