Feb 25

SNOW, again? Could it be??

Kate PItner Designs - "Just Chill" / WIN-JCSM.1

Kate PItner Designs - "Just Chill" / WIN-JCSM.1

Yes!  You read that right!  Snow again here in Los Angeles!  We are supposed to get snow again today  through tomorrow!  Wow, it’s CRAZY – my kids are SUPER excited (and so am I, I must admit).  I will definitely post pics again if another snowman bonanza occurs!

Stay warm :0)

Feb 23

A Yummy Color Palette!

Yummmmm!  If only I could have one of these every day of my life!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my daily cup of joe, but cafe au laits are so much more and such a special treat for me (the biscotti wasn’t bad either).  Not only was this frothy and delectable beverage delicious to drink, but check out the color palette!  It  is equally scrumptious!  I decided to lay out a scheme for myself and thought I’d share it with you.   I hope it inspires you today!  If anything, to treat yourself to a moment of R&R and a cafe au lait.    :0)

Feb 19

go where your heart takes you …

As you can see, I’m still partaking in my Valentine’s chocolate binge, but this latest piece gave me my next blog post image, so I think it’s serendipidtous.

“Go where your heart takes you … ” seems simple and straight forward enough.  Even a little selfish at face value.  But  I’ve got to ask – are you letting your heart lead you in your life’s journey?  It’s not an easy thing to do.  Life tends to get in the way;   bills need to be paid, groceries need to be bought, the dog needs to be walked, the kids need to get to practice, and so on.  Responsibilities often end up taking all of the space in our lives that our heart, and I’d like to believe our ‘dreams’, should be occupying.  I don’t mean that you stop and ignore all of your responsibilities, but it is crucial to remember our heart and our dreams during the course of our days.  I know for me, I’ve had many, MANY of those chapters in my life when I was working really hard at something I didn’t have a passion for, which left me feeling crumby.  On the flipside, when I’m busy (even too busy) doing something I know I was created to do, and meant to do, it just feels right and I’m some how able to muster up the energy to keep it going.  Creating my art is that for me.

It’s hard to follow your heart on a daily basis, and we will always have responsibilities that we have no choice but to do.  However, I wish for you and for me that we keep trying to fit our heart and our dreams into our days and see where they lead us.  If you need a reminder, grab this picture and post it on your desktop. I think it is a much better plan, however, to just buy the bag of Dove chocolates and let your heart lead you through it until you find this message for yourself.  :0)

Feb 17

too funny!

I got a package from my sister a couple of days ago and inside was this super funny mug!  I love when I get something that catches me by surprise and totally cracks me up.  My sister has a way of finding those things for me.  She said she found this at her local Hallmark store.  I’m going to have to go check my store out because I have a couple of friends who’d get a kick out of this, too (you know who you are)!

Thanks Shelley!  :0)

Feb 14

my funny valentine

The ART of the Self Picture!

My husband and I have been taking “self pictures” for years.  It started when our boys were little and we realized that we had 2 million photos of them and none of us.  Out of necessity, and lack of anyone around that was over 3 ft. tall, we started taking our own.  Now it is our signature image for all our major family events! These pictures are never very flattering or glamorous, but I always laugh a little when I look at them.

Happy Valentines Day to you and your funny Valentine!

I wish you a ‘love’-ly day!   :0)

Feb 11

I am LOVING doing the research for my new “Cocoa Collection”.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the pieces (and my research)  :0)   Stay tuned!

Feb 09

Share Ideas!

While teaching art today I was in a classroom and saw this sign on the wall.  What a fabulous message, and it is a phrase I know I have appreciated SO MUCH since I started my career in Art Licensing.

When we’re in grade school we are taught that sharing is good.  I am reminded of this all the time at my teaching job.  It is beautiful to witness how pure that sharing spirit looks in a child.  As we become adults it seems that spirit fades a little.  I get it, sharing isn’t always easy, especially in hard times.  However, the artists I have run across that are generous in sharing their professional tips and wisdom, have made all the difference in the world to me (and to many others).  I try to keep that spirit of sharing alive as much as possible in my life, and as I accumulate my own bit of professional ‘know-how’, I am all the more  inclined to ‘pay it forward’ too!  :0)

I want to shout out a big THANK YOU to a few of the artists who have helped me break through the scary unknown of Art Licensing!  Check out the links I’ve included to see their  blogs, ebooks, podcasts, etc…

Happy Creating!

Tara Reed’s Art Licensing Blog – There is so much that Tara does to help encourage artists in the world of Art Licensing.  She’s a WEALTH of knowledge and so generous in sharing her wisdom.

Kelly Rae Roberts – Kelly Rae has a super fun blog to follow, but even more fantastic are her books Flying Lessons.  Check them out if you’re interested in building a creative business.

Joan Beiriger – I ran across her blog a couple of years ago.  She’s got awesome tutorials and tips for photoshop.  She also follows many other amazing blogs and I find her info a tremendous resource.

Escape from Illustrator Island – For me, Thomas James is a rockstar in the illustration world.  His podcasts are a favorite of mine to listen to while I work.

Cindy Ann Ganaden’s Blu Penny Blog – is another inspirational resource for artists.  She has a terrific series called “Sketchbook Stories” where she profiles artists and their creative process.

Dani Jones –  Her tutorials are amazing!  She also posts some of them live to watch. Check out her site for more info.

Kate Harper’s Greeting Card Designer – Kate is such a gracious soul.  She is one of the most prolific bloggers I’ve found and she is an INCREDIBLE resource for info. I look forward to every single one of her posts.

Terri Conrad – Terri is a fabulous artist and a wealth of info.  We are also good friends, so in addition to her blog I have the good fortune of getting together with her and having long coffee “meetings” discussing all the ins and outs of Art Licensing.  Thanks Terri!

I know I’m forgetting some others, but as I remember I’ll keep ‘paying it forward’!  :0)