May 11

Mother’s Day Bouquet Color Palette

Happy Mother’s Day to all my Mama friends!

This is definitely one of my favorite days of the year.  I hope you all enjoy pampering the Moms in your lives, and/or if you’re a Mom then make sure you do some self-pampering.  You’ve earned it!  

ALSO – For my Subscribers I’ve made a couple of special printable Mother’s Day Cards and Envelopes ‘Fun Freebies’ for you just in time for the big day (sneak peek below).  Enjoy!  BTW – If you aren’t a subscriber yet just click on the “subscribe” button and you’ll be all set!


May 02

Tag Sale Color Palette

This past weekend I had the ultimate treat of visiting my friend Jennifer’s ranch in Ventura to peruse her Spring Tag Sale.  Jennifer has an amazing sense of style and design and is in the midst of opening a shop that will house her vision for “home & garden & retro & anything else amazing that I’d love to buy”.  I’m so excited for her and I’ll be sure to announce more info as her plans take shape, but for now I just had to post this color palette (above) for you because I thought it was an amazing one.  These were just a few of the pics I took. There were so many nooks and crannies to preview and explore and I came home with some amazing new & vintage table cloths and tea towels, home grown lavender sachets in hand embroidered pouches, and vintage greeting card packs! I can’t wait for Jennifer to open her shop!

One more fun note … Jennifer’s husband is planting citrus and olive groves and soon they will be sharing the fruit and oil they will be harvesting to the world!  I can’t wait for that because that is my retirement dream! I’ll be watching closely and asking lots of questions as they progress for sure!  

Wishing you a treasure filled week!  Have some fun!

love & light

Apr 22

Practicing Ahimsa in Art & Life

Ahimsa is one of the yamas of the Yoga Sutra and it is most recognizably translated to mean “non-violence”.  If you practice yoga you will often hear your teacher reminding you throughout the practice to work through your positions with ahimsa.  Not that anyone would become violent per say in a yoga class, but we all know that if our thoughts could be heard aloud it would be mind blowing how horrendous and vitriolic we can be to ourselves and to others.  Whether it is psychological violence or physical violence, injury occurs, which is why ahimsa is a foundation to not only yoga but to life.

So here’s my story about this…  

In addition to some new branches of my art business I’m super excited about and setting into motion, I’m also starting what will end up being a year long intensive yoga training.  I’m excited and scared by it all, but mostly excited.  I’ve been running on adrenaline, caffeine, and yoga, and it’s been awesome! Until the last two days when my body decided it was done and needed a rest …….. enter ahimsa.

I guess somewhere along the way I stopped remembering to treat myself with love and kindness.  I forgot to embrace the journey I was starting, and just plain started to regress into nasty self hate talk.  It started with some art I was inspired to create but just couldn’t get to look right while sketching.  The hate talk came on with a vengeance :  “You suck! Can’t you sketch better then that?  Seriously you’ve been working on the computer too long – you can’t even sketch anymore!  You should just quit!”.  This then moved on to a computer glitch (I’ve had many lately) and I lost some work that had taken 3 hours to do.  More hate talk :  “You should know by now to save your file!  How lame are you?  I can’t believe you didn’t save the file and now you have to start all over again! You’re so stupid!”.   Next up was yoga class where I watched my limber and amazing teacher blissfully glide into full lotus position (Padmasana).  I don’t know what I was thinking because I’ve never been able to do this pose as of yet, but in my ego-mind I guess because I knew I had been working so hard on my training I felt that this particular pose would suddenly be available to me.  Well, as you might guess it wasn’t, and I felt like a fool.  Here’s how that hate talk went :  “You look like such an idiot trying to force your foot like that!  Who do you think you are? Ouch – you are going to tear something! I can’t believe you ever thought you could do this!  You should just quit now and save yourself a whole lot of pain!”.  

It was at that moment, when all I wanted to do was crawl into a fetal position and cry, that I finally remembered ahimsa.  Ahimsa to be patient with my art, knowing that practice and patience will bring forth the art I’m envisioning in my minds eye.  Ahimsa to know that technology is not full proof and that I am human and sometimes forget to take steps (like saving my file).  There also might be a greater reason for the need to start over again.  Finally Ahimsa to know that my yoga journey is just that … a journey / a life practice … and that even though today my body may not be able to enter into all the poses I wish to enter I will get there eventually with practice, and I WILL SIT FULL LOTUS one day!  

Today I am enjoying some play time, some rest time, and some unwind time ….  I’m helping a friend out by painting on wine glasses and vases that she will be giving to her students at her upcoming yoga retreats, and as I paint they are making me smile because on the vase is a lotus flower and on the wine glass is the sanskrit symbol for OM.  You’ve got to love how the Universe comes full circle in times of growth!

Wishing you Peace & Love


Apr 08

Beautiful Jamaica & Color Palette

I just returned from 5 blissful days in BEAUTIFUL Jamaica!  We were there for my niece’s wedding and I can truly say it was perfect every minute we were there. The weather had been threatening rain and storms but we were completely spared and only received sunshine and perfectly warm waters.  

The wedding was a dream for my beautiful niece and her now husband, and spending time with so much family (familiar and new) was a blessing beyond words.  We all came home relaxed and surprisingly not sunburned! Winner!  

We weren’t there long so we didn’t venture out of the resort area much, but we did get to do a magical excursion on the last night to swim in one of only a few in the world bioluminescence lagoons.  It was beyond surreal to wave your hands around in the water and see blue-green glows trailing your movements. It was an experience I will never forget. 

Color Palette Time!

Yup, as you would expect the colors were amazing in Jamaica!  I fell in love with this palm. This particular section of it was about 6 ft wide and fanning up about 8 ft! Completely gorgeous and I love how this color palette turned out – I’ll be using it for sure.

… and my time wouldn’t be complete without a little yoga.  The opportunity to do yoga in this spot was a dream come true!  I taught a family class the morning of the wedding at the spot where later my niece and now nephew would be married!  What a way to zen a space! A solid group of us trekked out at sunrise to this gorgeous jetty where we were lulled by the ocean waves and warm breezes as we woke up our bodies.  Heaven!

Mar 26

Color Palette – Grassy Greens! AND Subscriber Bonus!

Green, Green Beautiful Green!  It’s Pantone’s pick for the year and it is a perfect hue to remind us all of the power and peace of Mother Nature’s fave color. 

I’m a little late to the party on this year’s Color of the Year announcement since at the time it was revealed I was in crazy Web-Lady mode working on my Website re-do, but better late then never!  BTW – I am loving all the Green that is popping up right now.  We’ve had rain here in So-Cal and this color is returning to our brown landscape for the first time in several years!  Hallelujah!


If you are on my subscriber list you will be receiving an extra goodie – A FUN FREEBIE TEXTURE file (see example below of how it can be used).  This FREEBIE texture file is made from the grassy green color palette image above and it is seamless so it will work beautifully on your projects no matter what the size.  Enjoy!  

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Mar 21

Shiny & New!

I am so excited to share with you my brand spank’n NEW Website!  This little labor of love has been my journey for the last three months.  I hadn’t intended on taking on such a task in the New Year.  In fact my goal was to dive in to some much needed portfolio refreshening and creation, but the Universe had other ideas.  Isn’t that the way it always goes?

As 2017 was just newly unveiling itself (and as the Year of the Monkey left with a BANG) I was given the opportunity by my Awesome Web Guru & friend, Kim Beasley, to learn an entirely new Theme (Thrive Themes) and rebuild my website myself as opposed to having her do it for me.  I knew I needed to do an overhaul to my old site but I really didn’t want to deal with it and the idea panicked me to do it myself.  I learned something through this whole experience though – an important thing about myself -I can do this stuff and there’s nothing to be afraid of!  Isn’t that the nugget for everything in life?!  

So here I am in 2017 with a new online look and a new outlook on many aspects of my business(es).  First, please check out some of my new pages – Color Love & Yoga & Healing for Artistsand stay tuned for many more additions to these two pages.  Also, if you are a Subscriber you will be in the special group of people to receive Fun Freebies, coupons, and other extra goodies. If you haven’t Subscribed yet click on the button to the Right.  My goal in this New Year is to have fun, grow and expand in my business and craft, and share in the Light.  I look forward to the journey!  

Oh, and thanks to all my proof viewers who have spotted errors or non-working elements on my site over the last week since I went “live”.  It’s amazing how I can stare and review things over and over again and still miss stuff!  I’m sure there are more things I will catch, but that’s just apart of the journey isn’t it.  :0)

Sending you Peace & Love 


Jan 19

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all!
I hope your transition into 2017 has been a great one.

I love New Years, as most of us do, because it is a time to press the refresh button of our lives, take stock, and plug into new goals, purposeful endeavors, and just plain start anew.  I don’t like to make resolutions but I do love our family ritual of adopting a “Word for the Year”.  It is one of my favorite things to do because hearing each person’s Word opens a window to their soul and their passions, dreams, and hopes for themselves. Beautiful Unbridled Growth!This year my word is “Discerning”: discriminating, judicious, selective, intelligent, sensitive, perceptive, wise, aware, knowing.  All things I hope to activate in 2017.

Like all careers, but most certainly as an Artist, being discerning can seem like a luxury.  There are many talented and amazing artists all striving to win the same contract, be hired for the same job, and achieve the same life-supporting financial salary that so often eludes artists.  This year I intend to work hard at pushing my worry comfort zone and be more discerning with my time and energy to more successfully create the work and life my heart desires. My greatest challenge? Learning when to say No and when to say Yes. Of course No is the more difficult word to discern and use, but I’ve been working on building my No Muscle and it really feels good.  I’m finding that I’m seeing more open spaces in my life as I discern my choices, leaving room to insert those activities that more fully enrich my life and soul.  It’s all baby steps, of course, but so far it feels great! I highly recommend the practice.

With “discernment” in mind you might have noticed I’ve been absent from the Blog.  That is because I’m in the middle of giving my Website a full-on facelift! Thanks to my friend and web-guru Kim Beasley, soon you will see an entirely new and improved Kate Pitner Designs website. Kim is letting me do the designing process myself, which I’ll admit is a bit scary (she is excellent at pushing my comfort zones all while being a super cheerleader), so it is taking longer then I would like.  However, this action that I am choosing to do is helping me grow and it feels GREAT!  So please stay tuned – I can’t wait to show you what I’ve come up with!

For now, wishing you Light & Love!

See you Soon!