Kate-Pitner-Bio1I have been drawing my whole life.  In the early years it was all about sketching endless images of horses and fashion models.  As I grew older and went to college, I became interested in architecture, interior design, and pattern (but I still loved drawing horses and fashion models every chance I got).  Over the course of my life I’ve worked in a variety of creative fields:  interior design, graphic arts, logo design, greeting cards and stationary, children’s apparel, murals, theatrical set design, and teaching. Drawing and painting soothes my soul, and sharing my passion for art fills me with joy. It’s a win-win to be able to make a career out of this.

“A good painter paints what he is”, as quoted by artist Jackson Pollack.  I believe that sentiment wholeheartedly, and when I create my artwork there is a little part of me in every piece that I do.  I am inspired by the everyday acts of an everyday home and the simple joys of life.  It is this ideal that I use as a foundation to my body of work and my business perspective. Inspiration is everywhere for me, and I love that I can find new areas of interest to focus on every day. From strawberries to snowmen, roses to wine, and from my backyard to the tropics, my artwork is born with a story to tell.

At Kate Pitner Designs, I create art for products in all categories: tabletop, home decor, stationary, gifts, fabric, apparel, and paper goods. My art is rendered both by hand and digitally, making my artwork production-ready and easy for manufacturers to work with.

I live in beautiful sunny Southern California with my husband and two sons. The beach and the mountains are only a short drive away, and I love that I can escape to both on a moments notice. My studio is filled with knick-knacks to inspire and my collection of old children’s books. Pinned to the walls are many notes and pieces of art given to me by my art students and my boys. In the corner of my office sits an ukulele that one day I will get back to playing, and on the floor lies a lazy old dog named Shamus O’Malley who sleeps more than he’s awake.