Happy New Year!

Jan 19

Happy New Year to you all!
I hope your transition into 2017 has been a great one.

I love New Years, as most of us do, because it is a time to press the refresh button of our lives, take stock, and plug into new goals, purposeful endeavors, and just plain start anew.  I don’t like to make resolutions but I do love our family ritual of adopting a “Word for the Year”.  It is one of my favorite things to do because hearing each person’s Word opens a window to their soul and their passions, dreams, and hopes for themselves. Beautiful Unbridled Growth!This year my word is “Discerning”: discriminating, judicious, selective, intelligent, sensitive, perceptive, wise, aware, knowing.  All things I hope to activate in 2017.

Like all careers, but most certainly as an Artist, being discerning can seem like a luxury.  There are many talented and amazing artists all striving to win the same contract, be hired for the same job, and achieve the same life-supporting financial salary that so often eludes artists.  This year I intend to work hard at pushing my worry comfort zone and be more discerning with my time and energy to more successfully create the work and life my heart desires. My greatest challenge? Learning when to say No and when to say Yes. Of course No is the more difficult word to discern and use, but I’ve been working on building my No Muscle and it really feels good.  I’m finding that I’m seeing more open spaces in my life as I discern my choices, leaving room to insert those activities that more fully enrich my life and soul.  It’s all baby steps, of course, but so far it feels great! I highly recommend the practice.

With “discernment” in mind you might have noticed I’ve been absent from the Blog.  That is because I’m in the middle of giving my Website a full-on facelift! Thanks to my friend and web-guru Kim Beasley, soon you will see an entirely new and improved Kate Pitner Designs website. Kim is letting me do the designing process myself, which I’ll admit is a bit scary (she is excellent at pushing my comfort zones all while being a super cheerleader), so it is taking longer then I would like.  However, this action that I am choosing to do is helping me grow and it feels GREAT!  So please stay tuned – I can’t wait to show you what I’ve come up with!

For now, wishing you Light & Love!

See you Soon!