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This may be Kindergarten level Adobe Illustrator for most of my designer friends, but I wanted to share with you a tip I finally learned about how to fix the problem of annoying tiling artifact lines showing up in my exports from Adobe Illustrator.  I hope this helps at least one other person, because it has been driving me crazy and taking me a really long time to google the right words to search out the fix.  

Here goes …


Tiling Artifacts are the faint little lines that show up in Illustrator files that have been put into pattern. The way you know that the line is not an error in your repeat and just a resolution issue is to zoom in and out and if the line vanishes and reappears you know it’s just a resolution issue and not an alignment problem with your pattern.  If you are printing your pattern layout directly from Illustrator you shouldn’t have a problem with these lines showing up.  However, if you export the image to a TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc.. these lines will sometimes transfer over to your export.  It’s annoying, but here’s the fix.

Filing-Artifacts-Repair-1 Export  your patterned art board as you normally would:  File > Export (make sure to click “Use Artboards” so you have the export size of your image right).


Here’s the key part:  The default Anti-aliasing option is “Type Optimized (Hinted)”, but you want to click on “Art Optimized (Supersampling)”.  Filing-Artifacts-Repair-3

That’s it!  How easy is that?!  I am so grateful to finally know the answer to this annoying mystery.  Filing-Artifacts-Repair-4



I want to send a big shout out and thank you to Laura Coyle and her awesome tutorials for helping me get to the bottom of this problem! Check out her courses and free tutorials on her “Illustrator-ing” website HERE.