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ShuttleThis past weekend my family and I got to flash back in time and see a piece of history I’ve been dying to see. We finally made it to the California Science Center here in Los Angeles to see the Space Shuttle “Endeavour” proudly sitting in its final resting spot! It was breathtaking and very touching to see her in all her glory and majesty, and it was all I had hoped it would be!

For my 40(ish) year old friends who grew up with the Shuttle from its birth to the end of the program, you know what a big deal the Space Shuttle was. I remember my elementary school gathering all the students in the center pod areas of the school to watch on portable TVs the shuttle take off and land.  I remember the sad day when the Challenger didn’t return home, but I also recall all the successful missions and watching in wonder at this new technology and unbelievable advancement in space travel unfold right before my eyes.  I am truly sad to see this program come to an end.

What once was absurd science is today practically an assumed reality, though when I was young I thought for sure we’d all be visiting the moon on a daily basis by now via Southwest-like spaceship airplanes. I suppose that reality isn’t too far off now, and maybe in my lifetime there will be opportunities for non-astronauts like me to see the curve of the Earth and the vast blackness of space for myself. That would be pretty cool, but for now I am just happy to have been able to witness this gorgeous piece of life, science, and wonder. I really, really love the Space Shuttle, from her complex and intricately created tiles to her heavy rubber tires.  She is beautiful and it was an honor to stand in her presence!