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Oak-1This is my favorite black oak tree on my morning walk.  I love this scraggly old majestic beast of a tree.  Its lived longer than I have, and even after lightening strikes it still stands (sans a branch or two)! I watch it through the seasons and right now it is starting to show the promise of Spring. Can you see the little green buds? I absolutely LOVE when the oaks burst out their fresh leaves every year. The color is vibrant and alive. Once the heat of summer hits that vibrancy fades fast, but the mighty oak tree is still marvelous in my eyes!  

I’ve been working on some oak inspired art. It’s slow coming, and taking back burner at the moment, but I thought I’d show you my inspiration – both before and after. The below picture was taken last summer, the above this morning. I also am slightly obsessed with acorns. I need to do some sketches.  I collected a big bowl last Fall when they were dropping from the trees. My “to do” list is growing, but it’s all good. I’m reminding myself daily that it’s about the ‘journey’.

Today’s challenge for you:  Take a moment and check out what little spot of nature you are drawn to in your daily happenings. Take a picture, think about it, dedicate a few moments as often as you are able to stand/sit and observe it. I promise you this is an exercise that pays back great dividends. In my daily craziness I’m reminded that it is the simple things that bring the most wisdom and richness to my life.  

Have a blessed day!