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I haven’t been very good at blogging this past week but I’m happy to say it’s because I’ve been really busy ~ and busy is always good. My picture book illustrations are coming along nicely and I’ve got some fun new projects in the works for licensing (getting art ready for my agent to show at Surtex in May). Add on the busy-ness of daily life, track starting for my younger son, and the hustle and bustle of final decisions and trips to colleges for my older son (he needs to commit for football in the next month and it’s going to be a hard decision). Phewww – it’s crazy around here, but I’m enjoying the ride.

To keep my mind clear, my creativity flowing, and my sanity in place, I’ve been finding a lot of joy and inspiration from various places.  Here is a peek at what’s been in my world and on my mind lately:


1.  TRAVEL (vicariously through my niece’s blog):  _Sam

My husband and I are dreaming of travel these days.  We can’t seem to get enough of our favorite shows (lately it’s Anthony Bourdain’s NO RESERVATIONS and THE LAYOVER , on the Travel Channel). Another place I love to go to get my ‘travel-fix’ is my niece, Sam’s, travel blog called THE WANDERLUST ADVOCATE. If I could redo my early years of my life I’d follow in her footsteps.  Sam is amazing and she’s traveled all over the world already (in her 22 years) studying and experiencing all that this amazing planet has to offer.  Currently she’s in Laos teaching english to novice buddhist monks. She posts stories, pictures, and fun short videos about her travels and experiences. Check it out – my travel bucket-list is growing every time I read her blog!


2.  OUTER SPACE – The Hubble:



3.  GOOD READ:  THE FOUR AGREEMENTS by Don Miguel Ruiz _4-agreements*


Academy Awards Day is a major holiday for me!  It means my husband cooks for me (love that) while I park it in my favorite chair at 3:00-ish and watch the Red Carpet coverage while giving myself a luxurious pedi-mani! I can’t wait!  I must confess I haven’t seen all the nominated films, but I have some faves:  I’m partial to Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook (especially Sally Field, Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Day Lewis).  I wanted desperately to see Argo but never made it to the theater for that one, however everyone is raving about it and I’m guessing it’ll be a big winner. Others I’m rooting for are:  Life of Pi and Beasts of the Southern Wild.  Should be a great show ~ I can’t wait to see Seth MacFarlane as host, too!


5.  Neck Scarves  _Neck-Scarf


Oh my GOSH – how did I not know about these before?!  My amazing and talented friend, Janice, stopped by the other night and delivered this gorgeous and oh-so-warm and snuggly neck scarf she crocheted for me!  I am LOVING it so much.  My house is super cold in the winter, especially in my studio, and I seem to never be able to get warm. Now that I have my new neck scarf I am a happy camper!  If you are talented like Janice, and can crochet or knit, click HERE for some fun neck scarf pattern ideas! Seriously – these things are the BEST!


6.  My absolute favorite TEA


Every afternoon around 3:00 I have “tea time” and I make myself a huge mug of this awesome herbal tea! There’s nothing better on these cold late winter days!


7.  Daily walks with my dog

(this particular morning the sun was shining just right and I had to take a picture to lock in the image!)


8.  YOGA Move of the week:  DOLPHIN POSE


I love this yoga pose.  It’s a wonderful exercise for an aching artist (or anyone who sits for long periods of time). Click HERE to learn more about it.

Oh, side note – re:  MUSIC – for a while every day I tune into my “The Buddhist Monks” Channel on Pandora. It’s wonderful music to work to and/or to do yoga to and I find it really clears my “monkey mind” (as Eckhart Tolle calls it).