What’s inspiring me right now? Gypsy colors

Mar 12

I am a Bohemian;  Quite literally – my roots stem from Bohemia – a.k.a. Prague, Czechoslovakia.  That being said, I’m also a little English, German, and French; somewhat of a mut.  However, I’ve always known that my Czech side was the most prominent part of my lineage, or at least that is what my Mother told me.

I haven’t had the chance to travel there yet, but my Mom and Sister have and the pictures I have seen show the Bohemian’s love of color and pattern; something I definitely know is in my blood. Combine that passion with the colors and culture of Hawaii and the influence of my married-into family … I am quite an eclectic mixture of tastes and interests. 

For a long time I felt like I was trying to fit my art into a monochromatic mold; a fashion and style that was in vogue for many years.  I have been told that my earlier work at times could be a little “busy” or too “fussy”, and that I needed to tone it down in order for it to be marketable.  I’m grateful actually for that critique because it taught me to design in a broader fashion and for a wider range of clientele.  However, I have, at times, found myself creating art that didn’t resonate with my soul.  I know that isn’t uncommon for artists who work for their living, but lately I’ve been digging down deep and creating in a way I know makes my heart sing, and it has been incredibly liberating!

My latest work for licensing reflects this shift and shows my love of color, pattern, words, humor, and nature. I feel revived by the process of this creation and I’ve been using my paints (yes, my medium of choice now is watercolor, mixed with a little color pencil), trying out color combinations I’ve not used before, and toying with rich and detailed patterns. This latest series I’m calling “Gypsy Blue” and  I should be done with the initial pieces in a month – definitely in time for Surtex in May.  This art is fun and colorful and I can’t wait to share it with you.  For now I thought I’d show you some pictures from my color inspiration board.  (btw – I LOVE these images – I think I need to get a caravan cart and start wearing more flowy skirts and scarves!)






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