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Christmas?  Over?  I didn’t get that memo …

I recently watched the movie “Hugo” (I highly recommend it). It’s full of beautiful and wonderful messages, but the one I love the most is when the main character, Hugo, describes his feelings for machines.  In the movie he says how he always feels sad for broken down machines because they aren’t able to do what they’re intended to do. Such a powerful statement and I understand Hugo’s emotion.  I know for myself, and in witnessing others, that when we aren’t able to do what we love it’s like we’re broken down machines… lifeless.  It is amazing how we’re all uniquely wired to push toward different beacons of light, and it is this energy  that drives us to go beyond our boundaries and power onward toward something we can’t quite explain. It’s beautiful when we are pounding the pavement, burning the midnight oil, and charging forward toward a goal or a dream. It’s a good thing that we’re all wired differently, too, or our world would have less color and magic in it to share. I admire so many people in my life who I witness daily pushing toward their intended purpose, even when the road is unclear … or, let’s face it, just plain scary.  I especially love seeing my boys start to identify their beacons and make steps toward following their stars. The strength of us all lies in our ability to witness our challenges.

For the first couple of weeks each January I allow myself some time to sit and take stock in the activities (good and bad) of the previous year, and plan strategies for how to set new goals and tackle new challenges in the next year. I’ve recently been doing that for my business and it’s sometimes a little scary – especially when you see all that you hope to achieve lying ahead of you in wait.  This year in my art I’ve set some goals – one of which is to increase my Christmas Art in my licensing portfolio. I’ve known for a long time now that I needed to focus on this part of my business, but I’ve not listened to this call. Now I’m dedicating the next six months to actually doing it (and to not be distracted or deterred by anything else). Sure I have many other intentions, but for now this is a huge one that I’m excited to tackle. And in tackling it I’m already feeling more alive because I’m no longer ignoring it. I’m excited for the challenge and look forward to showing my results at Surtex this May.  

So, now I ask – what are your intentions for this new year? What driving force have you been ignoring? What intended action do you need to apply energy toward? My wish for us all is that we continue to forge ahead toward these driving forces. In them lie our futures.  Cheers to being alive!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering – no, I don’t have my Christmas decorations still up, but I am playing my Pandora Christmas station every now and again for inspiration!  :0)

Watch this Trailer for “Hugo”:

[youtube 5Y6OoN1FR6Y nolink]