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I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years now.  The first 5 years were all about mastering the basics, understanding beginning sanskrit, and trying to stick with the program when you feel stupid and want to give up.  Actually, truth be told I’m still trying to master the basics.  Yoga is so much more than an exercise, it’s a mindset, and the littlest of adjustments or corrections to the poses will make everything different.  It is called the purest action for mind-body connection, but it is really hard to master when you have a “monkey mind” like I do, and becoming still is harder than any spin or cardio class I could imagine.  Some weeks I find that I’m on fire;  feeling strong and balanced.  Other weeks I am the complete opposite.  Lately I’ve had more difficult days than easy.  I have learned so much about my body doing yoga.  One – is that sitting at a computer or drawing table all day isn’t good for my lower back and neck without it. Two, instructors make it look SO easy.  And Three, when you really don’t feel like going is usually the time you need it the most.  

Today I went to my weekly class.  As often happens, my “monkey mind” kept showing me my many “to do lists” in an attempt to try and distract me from my mission of going.  Fortunately I didn’t let it win.  My instructor, who is also a friend of mine, has been teaching us Vakasana, or  “Crane”  pose for about two years now.  When I first saw her demonstrate it I laughed out loud.  Not something you do in a yoga class, but I just couldn’t help thinking that this pose would be impossible for me to do.  Sure enough, it was.  For two years now I’ve watched and waited for her to move past this pose, feeling like I’d fall on my face if I ever tried to fully suspend my legs. It’s been both a laughable and depressing journey for me.  For two years I’ve told myself that it just wasn’t in my cards to master it, BUT today I DID IT!!!!  I feel so empowered I can’t even tell you!  To me this little victory means more about concurring obstacles and moving through them than anything else.  It shows me the power of not giving up and being patient with ones-self as good days and bad days pass by.  For me this was a victory and I just had to shout it from the mountaintop to you!  Thank you for letting me share that!  :0)

If you’d like to learn more about Vakasana (sometimes spelled Bakasana) – Crane pose and more FANTASTIC core poses, click  HERE.  

Below is a video demonstration I found on youtube.   This girl is CRAZY-GOOD.  I can’t do the flow yet, but now I know what I want to work toward!  :0)

[youtube zhct_OHSgys nolink]